Lose Stomach Fat in 10 Days

Are you ready to walk that extra mile to shed off those extra kilos? If you have stomach fat you should consider this as a health issue and take serious steps to trim down in a short time. A bulging  tummy definitely makes you feel uncomfortable. You may feel inferior when you see your friends having flatter tummy and wearing clothes of their choice. If you like to eat, you have to bring some changes in your diet. Your kitchen may showcase several delicious, yummy and processed foods, but you must stay away from all these at least for a short span of time to get that flatter tummy.

Losing stomach fat in 10 days is not an impossible task. You can get visible results even if you do not get a flatter tummy.

Follow these  steps  and get ready to blast off those unwanted fat around your waistline:

  • Set your priority:

    Before thinking about reducing your abdominal fat, you must be determined. It may so happen that you don’t feel like continuing with your dieting and exercise regime. This will not produce any effective result. So you need to be fully determined and make your  goal of  reducing belly fat one of your top priorities.

  •  Forget All Stress:
    Be positive and try to get rid of your stress. Your stress level leads to the production of cortisol hormone that triggers the craving of junk and processed food, excessive eating and feeling weak and fatigue. So try to reduce your stress. Be happy, take plenty of rest and meditate for sometime in the morning.
  • Be Physically Active:

    Start with moderate exercise and gradually opt for high-intensity cardio exercise, strength training, abs exercise for 6 days a week. Jog, swim for 15-20 minutes a day at least during the initial period of your work-out regime. You may feel tired and disgusted, especially if you are exercising for the first time. 

  • Food Habits:

    Trimming down is all  about food habits. Along with work-out regime, take foods that will increase your metabolism. Take lots of fruits, foods that are rich in high fiber and snacks that are low in calories. To blast off abdominal fat in 10 days, it is best to take a diet plan and follow it rigorously. Try to eat home-cooked foods that are less in calories unlike junk foods. You must include lots of vegetables and lean protein in your diet rather than going for fad diets.

Besides this you have to drink at least of 10-12 glasses of water that will make you feel full and curb your hunger, quite often. Don’t go for sugar-loaded beverages and drink water, instead.

Losing Belly Fat

in a short period is really difficult to do. A lot depends on you on how you take your job. Initially you may feel the fatigue and lose interest while dieting and exercising. But you have to be strong as reducing this fat will enhance your inner and outer beauty, as well.

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I am Aja Levis, a freelancer finance consultant. I love to write article on weight loss or on fitness topics as I am fitness freaky person. So I love to share my ideas and views.

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