How to Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Using Natural Remedies

health-wellnessStretch marks can occur after a sudden body change such as rapid weight gain and during pregnancy.However, some causes of stretch marks on hips, thighs and abdomen are genetic meaning that you can inherit from your mother.Irrespective of what causes stretch marks, there are some natural ways of getting rid of them as well as reducing the appearance of both new and old stretch marks on your thighs. Here are some of the best options;

1. Sugar

Using natural sugar can help in exfoliating your skin.Mix a tablespoon of white sugar with almond oil.To the mixture add a drop of lemon juice.Gently apply the mixture on the stretch marks for approximate 10 minutes every day.Do this for a period of one month and observe the outcome.

2. Water

Keep your skin well hydrated by drink plenty of water.This will protect the skin from stretch marks, detoxify the skin pores and eventually, restore the skin elasticity.

3. Lemon juice

Use of lemon juice will help to lessen stretch marks.Its natural acidity will help reduce stretch marks, heal skin injuries and acne.To use it, rub a fresh lemon juice on the stretch mark and allow the juice to soak your skin for approximate ten minutes before washing it away.Another option is to mix lemon juice with cucumber and apply the mixture to the affected area of the skin.

4. Potato juice

Potato juice has essential minerals and vitamins which help in growth and restoration of skin cells.To use it, cut a sizeable potato into thick slices.Take one slice and rub it gently on the stretch marks until the liquid of the potato covers the area.Allow the liquid to dry for some few minutes and wash it away.This will help to eliminate stretch marks.

5. Olive oil

This contains antioxidants together with vitamin A, D and E that help to improve the condition of the skin alleviating certain problems such as stretch marks.You can mix olive oil with vinegar and slightly apply on the affected area.This will help to reduce stretch marks to a greater extent.

6. Use of supplement products

To reduce the appearance of stretch marks, it is important to increase your vitamin C intake.Along with Vitamin C, try and use topical glycolic acid.This increases collagen production thus making your skin more elastic.

Remember, to get rid of stretch marks it’s important to maintain a healthy weight and eat nutrient based diet.This will provide your body with the right nutrient for repair.

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