Half of Smokers Ignore Risks Associated With Smoking Cigarettes

Health Effects of The E-Cigs

Even there are so many warnings and known facts, people are not ready to leave the habit of smoking. There are more than 40 elements found in a regular cigarette which can cause several problems to a person. It isn’t just causing cancer but affects every part or organ of the body and adverse diseases. Therefore, the suppliers or manufacturers of cigarettes are given strict instructions to write the warning on the packet of the cigarette. No other cause has affected the health of humans to such an extent. More deaths are caused because of tobacco. Thus, E cigs help to kick the habit easily and has been much better and safer than other type of drugs, nicotine chewing gum, medications, etc.

Elements of The E-Cigs

The electronic cigarettes are available in a variety of shapes. Some cigarettes look like regular cigarettes, some come as cigars, pipes and socially accepted items like pens and much more. Well, no matter what shape these E cigs come in, they are built around a battery operated heating element and it contains a number of elements like, nicotine and other chemicals. The atomizer present in the electronic cigarettes helps to convert these elements in a vapor which is inhaled. The good thing is it is safe for the smoker and also for the people around him. As passive smoking is much more dangerous than active smoking. The Electronic cigarettes keep your loved ones in a safe environment.

Nicotine Is A Demon And Is A Tough Challenge To Quit :

Instead of knowing the harmful effects of a regular cigarette, people are smoking cigarettes because they are addicted to nicotine . Smoking not just causes cancer but it also causes, cardiovascular diseases, bladder cancer, acute leukemia, cervix cancer, kidney cancer, mouth cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, etc. The other side effects of regular smoking are stillbirth, infertility, Sudden infant death syndrome, low birth weight, lower bone density in women and increased risk of hip fracture. Every year billions of people die of smoking. Therefore, to meet the challenges faced by a smoker, e cigs are developed. Half of the smokers ignore these risks and get trapped in the vicious circle of diseases. It leads to death at last. So, let’s see some benefits of electronic cigarettes.

The Benefits of Replacing Conventional Cigarettes With The Electronic Cigarettes :

E cigs come with a number of health benefits and enhances the quality of life as well. Firstly, the need of nicotine is fulfilled without any harmful chemicals. It produces no smoke at all except a vapor. The e cigs are available in the form of cartridges which can be refilled easily with the flavors and other form of drugs. These flavors are apple, menthol, strawberry, etc. Thus, you end up producing no type of foul smell which is produced with the regular cigarette.

The color of your skin and health improves with the help of electronic cigarettes. The stamina returns. You enjoy exercising and feel more energetic. Last but not the least, You get your life back on track and don’t feel guilty about smoking a cigarette.

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