How Dutch Health Insurance is changing in 2014

By law if you live or work in Holland, you are required to buy private healthcare coverage. This is to allow you to access basic care from dentists, doctors and hospitals. In addition, a percentage of your wages are paid into a central fund that ensures those who need long-term healthcare get that care. The system, in its current form, has only been in place since 2006, so the rules surrounding the system are still being tweaked. This is a summary of the changes that are expected to take place next year.


Premiums are expected to remain stable or fall slightly. However, the insurance companies decide the price so this is not guaranteed, but the fact that prices usually follow the DSW trend means that premiums are likely to fall slightly.


The excess that the insured has to pay rises from 350 Euros to 360 Euros.

Mental Health Care

In the past, the initial five consultations with a primary care psychologist were covered by insurance. Now, coverage for this type of care will be provided in another way.

New Treatment

There will be more coverage for the treatment of long-term diseases. The treatment of Crohn’s and pancreatic necrosis are both now covered.

Home Dialysis

There is now some coverage for home dialysis within the terms of the insurance.

Vacuum Treatment of Wounds

Vacuum treatment at hospital is now covered.

There are other changes, but these are the main ones. To find out more about the changes visit the zorgverzekering 2014 website.

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